Cyclical / Recurring tasks

The Finance Steward is responsible for a range of cyclical tasks and other work. Here is an overview:


  • Paying out invoices to suppliers and contractors at the end of the month
  • Running payroll for Common Knowledge employees at the end of every month
  • Issuing invoices to clients at the start of every month
  • Preparing the monthly finance meeting

In the Common Knowledge Linear team, there is a monthly financial tasks template issue, with subtasks for each of these.

how to access the template

Which will generate something like this:

monthly finance tasks template


  • Paying VAT

    • Payment periods:

      The return and payments are due one month and 7 days after the end of the period - e.g. the first payment will be due on the 7th of March for the period ended 31st of Jan.

      • First period: 1st Sept - 31st January (extended) → 7th February
      • Second period: 1st Feb - 30th April → 7th March
      • Third period: 1st May - 31st July → 7th September
      • Fourth period: 1st Aug - 31st October → 7th December


  • Submit our accounts. You can see when accounts are due by visiting Companies House.
  • Pay our corporation tax bill on or before the 1st of August every year
  • Submit a confirmation statement to Companies House, to keep us legally registered as a business.

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