The Finance Steward

A rough summary of the role of Finance Steward is:

Maintain accurate and lawful accounts and ensure money comes in and goes out as required. Includes activities like reconciliation, banking, financial planning, accounting calls, taxes and regulatory compliance, chasing payments, paying out bills, etc.


The finance steward should use the email to communicate on anything finance-related with people outside Common Knowledge.

Cyclical tasks

Other tasks & responsibilities

  • Chasing invoices
  • Maintaining documentation (in this handbook!) on financial, legal and insurance matters for all co-op members.
  • Xero reconciliation, which really needs to be a regular scheduled activity
  • Chasing strange transactions and making sure money isn't disappearing
  • Chasing freelancers to submit their invoices and making sure invoices are paid out quickly
  • Regular cashflow analysis to ensure we're able to pay the bills each month in the short term, and guide opportunity development toward sustainability in the long term.
  • Liaising with our accountants.
  • Monitoring budgets and checking surplus generation of projects is not wildly out.
  • Ensuring Companies House has accurate records like our office address (if any) or directors (active members)

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