Team retreats

We aim for three team retreats per year, in the Spring, Autumn and Winter. Usually we'll choose a location close to one of our attendees' homes.

The Governance Steward is responsible for stewarding team retreat planning:

Planning the retreat

  • Decide a budget
  • Pick a date (usually a week) that works for everyone
  • Choose a destination
  • Book a co-working space
  • Arrange/book shared accomodation on behalf of attendees

Once the plan is set

  • Make a Notion wiki page with an itinerary and key details
  • Attendees book travel individually and expense it to the co-op

After the retreat

  • Attendees submit expenses to the co-op for shared meals and any other entertainment

Who pays for what?

  • The co-op will pay upfront for accomodation
  • Travel to and from the destination, lunch and other entertainment as collectively agreed, can be expensed back to the co-op

Who'll be there?

Apart from members and staff, we also invite associate members such as multi-project freelancers

What do we do?

It depends! But we've generally concluded that:

  • We should err towards socialising and avoid hard shipping deadlines
  • Hackathon days are fun
  • A reading group discussion is nice to think about
  • Maybe a review of co-op work since the last retreat, but avoid making this too serious — an emphasis on celebration and good vibes
  • Building links with comrades from the local movement is wholesome

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