Family, Compassionate and Parental Leave

Family Leave

Members are entitled to time off for urgent family reasons, and to parental leave in accordance with the statutory scheme for the time being in force. This is unpaid.

Compassionate Leave

Members of the co-op may request up to one week’s compassionate leave per working year pro rata. An example of grounds for requesting compassionate leave is close family bereavement.

Any such request must be agreed by the rest co-op. Compassionate leave may be taken as additional unpaid leave, and any such request will be considered sympathetically. Exceptionally, the co-op may agree to treat compassionate leave as additional paid leave, but this is at the Members’ discretion and is not a right.

Extended and Sabbatical Leave

A Member of the co-op who has been a full member for more than three years may request unpaid leave for a period of up to one year. Such a request will be considered sympathetically by the co-op, but can only be granted on a case-by-case basis and is not a right.

Maternity Leave

You are entitled by law to take time off to have a baby and to be paid, provided that you have given the correct notice (15 weeks before the due date).

For further details, see:

Maternity pay and leave

Paternity, maternity support or shared parental leave

Your rights to take paternity, maternity support, adoption or shared leave is provided for by law.

For further details, see:

Paternity pay and leave

Shared Parental Leave and Pay

Adoption pay and leave

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