Member responsibilities

An incomplete list… forever a work in progress. If you're not sure what to do from day to day, talk to the other Members.


  • Creating and maintaining the culture of the co-op
  • Set and maintain the strategic direction, organisational purpose, vision, and values
  • Stewarding responsibility areas
  • Stewarding projects and cycles
  • Mandate and hold to account the planning process, deliverables and coordination
  • Participate in organisational decision-making, online and in meetings
  • Attend members meetings (physically or remotely), or figure out a way of keeping up to date otherwise
  • Keep up to date with internal meeting notes
  • Keep up to date with financials, and understanding the risks and opportunities involved in decision-making
  • Attend annual/quarterly planning sessions and retreats where possible
  • Vetting and approving new co-op members
  • Participating in the buddy system
  • Approving major transactions
  • Approving an amalgamation of the co-op or appointing a liquidator


  • Facilitating daily stand-ups, planning meetings and retrospectives
  • Looking at cards that are Blocked or in Review and addressing them
  • Answering emails, from collaborators to co-ops network and others
  • Maintaining client relationships and expectations
  • Checking our social media for any new messages from people and interacting with them


  • Keeping the Linear board up to date
  • Updating Productive
  • Maintaining project documentation
  • Writing documentation of processes, procedures and other matters on Notion and GitHub
  • Ensuring our Notion is easy to use and navigate

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