Sick Leave

Everyone staying physically and mentally healthy is really important to us. If feeling either mentally or physically unwell, it's not a problem. We want to be able to support each other as much as possible. However, it's important we let one another know ahead of time, so we can make sure you are safe and change plans if necessary.

To let the team know you need to take a sick day, either email or message the Common Knowledge Signal channel before the daily check in at 10 AM.

If you need to take more than a couple of days off, please let us know about this as soon as you are able. This way we can work out whether we need to talk to collaborators about postponing or rescheduling project timelines and meetings.

If you think you are getting better and will be in tomorrow, it is also good to let us know so we can welcome you back. Drop a Signal message into the Common Knowledge Signal channel or an email to

By the end of the fourth day’s absence you must provide a self-certification note. For any period of one week or more, a doctor’s certificate must be provided.

During each year of employment, you are entitled to the following sick pay in the event of your absence due to incapacity through illness or sickness during pregnancy:

Self-certificated/uncertificated sick leave

You are entitled to a maximum of eight days’ paid sick leave per year. Any days exceeding this will be without pay.

Certificated sick leave

You are entitled to four weeks’ full pay for certified sickness per year, pro rata.

Sick pay is subject to the usual deductions for PAYE, national insurance, pension contributions, etc.

The sick pay year runs from April to March.

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