Vision, Mission and Values


Diverse communities rooted in care and reciprocity working together to achieve ecological and social justice.


We are a not-for-profit worker co-operative of technologists, designers, researchers and facilitators. We work with grassroots organisers and communities around the world to build power and achieve radical change. We use digital technologies to multiply the impact and capacity of social movements.



We act in solidarity with those who are struggling against all forms of oppression. Solidarity is power. Diversity is strength.


We cultivate reciprocal relationships where we can practice collaboration and generosity. We don't believe in competition or scarcity. We see the commons as our opportunity to have the biggest impact.


We understand and respect the complexity of political and technological structures. We trust people to know their own context best. We think before intervening and intervene at the appropriate scale. We listen deeply and reflect with intention.


We believe learning is an endless journey. We use theory and practice to intensify each other. We are curious, creative and interdisciplinary. We ask questions and lean into change.


We approach problems as challenges and see failures as opportunities to grow. We remember the capacity of people to collectively build a better future. We trust that people can.

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